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About This Site
What is this Site?
This is a resource site for locksmiths of all types. Its main focus
is on locksmiths with an interest in institutions and their welfare,
security and well-being, but all locksmiths are welcome here, as
are those who provide products, tools, materials or training.

Navigating the Site
There are three basic ways to get around on this site, depending
on where you are and where you want to go. The main menu is obvious.
Click on the link you want. Similarly, the ads are fairly obvious.
Click on them to go to the advertizer's site. Not so obvious is the
'Where you are' banner - the black banner just below the header. It is
click-sensitive at each level. Click on the word in the location to go
to that level instead. For example, the black banner above says:
Locksmithing Resources ->About this Site'.
To go back to the main page of Locksmithing Resources,
click on that part of the words.

This site is not directly operated by, or affiliated with, any group, organization or
association. However, one of its goals is to support the ILA (Institutional
Locksmiths Association), and to help it grow so that it can better perform
its duties. The Site Administrator sees the ILA as a primary resource
for Manufacturers, Manufacturer Representative Agencies, Builders
Hardware Outlets, Locksmith Wholesalers, Locksmith Distributors,
and to the Locksmithing and Security Related Industry in general, including
Retail Locksmiths, Mobile Locksmiths, Access Control Technicians, Access
Control Locksmiths, and of course, Institutional Locksmiths.

Voice in the Industry
Institutional and In-House Locksmiths represent a small captive city
at each institution. One mid-sized institution, for example, uses well
over 50,000 locks and many times that in smaller locking devices.
That is a lot of product, controlled largely by the Institutional
Locksmiths at the site. They refer out up to $130,000 a year, on the
average, to outside contractors and retail Locksmiths, and
purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars of product through
Builders Hardware, Wholesale and Locksmith Supply houses.
That is a lot of voice in the Industry.

Power of the ILA
But those same Institutional Locksmiths need the support of the
industry to reach their full potential. Many times, the "upstream
clients" within their institution may not realize the level of
knowledge they possess or what an asset they are to the
institution. Other similar Institutional Locksmiths may, in fact, lack
that knowledge and usually will be hungry to acquire it. The ILA
has been critical in meeting both the internal and external needs
of its members, but it needs to expand to cover more of the country.

Other Industry Associations
We also support the Institutional Locksmiths Association, the
Associated Locksmiths of America and all other professional
Locksmithing Associations and Builders Hardware Associations,
Security Hardware Associations and security related Associations,
and others too numerous to mention here.

Because we support education, we will also support the ILCP and
PRP certification programs and any similar efforts and try to get
related information on here as quickly as possible.

We Need YOU
But we have to depend on YOU to keep this site current and useful
Email your links to our Site Administrator so that we can share them!

We accept advertising from Industry related companies, but reserve
the right to reject any advertising without reason or just cause to
do so, based solely upon the belief of the Site Administrator that
the site will be better without it. Still, the presence of an ad here
does not mean that we necessarily agree with the ad or support
the specific product advertised.


Most of what you will find on here are links to existing materials
on other sites. It is meant to be a quick and easy place to locate
the specific information you are looking for. Much of what you will
find will be in the form of pdf documents.

Document Handling
This site cannot control the content of the pdf, nor how your
browser or the link handles such documents. Some browsers
automatically bring up an online reader. Others download the
document to your desktop or My Documents folder automatically
for later viewing. Similarly, some of the sites will automatically
do one or the other of those options without this site asking it to
do so. Please do not complain to our Site Administrator about this.
It is beyond our control.

Licensing Laws
Finally, this site officially supports the Licensing of Locksmiths
and Security personnel. It does not, however, support exemptions
in such laws for Taxi drivers, Tow Truck Drivers, Retail or Hardware
stores, In-House Locksmiths or other similar exemptions. Nor
does it support legislation that merely is a licensing tax with no
requirement for training or continuing education, or without the legal
"teeth" to enforce it. We realize not everyone agrees with us and
we do not provide lobbying or similar financial incentives to support licensing.

Most materials on here are links to copyrighted material on other
sites. It is legal for us to link to such material as a resource for
you. What limitations that site puts on you legally are at their own
disgression. Once you follow the links you are no longer on our
website. You can use the "Back" button on your browser or make
a Bookmark to our site to allow you to return. But this site is
copyrighted as well. It takes a lot of time to locate the links and
format our web pages, and they are copyrighted. Link to them if
you wish, but do not copy them or claim them as your own.
It is that simple.

© Copyright 2004 by Don O'Shall,
Locksmithing Education, LLC
at Beverly Hills, Florida –USA
All Rights Reserved